It started as an experiment in propoganda, general disinformation, and the idea that art exists in revolution, and that revolution exists in art.  There is no organization, no plan, these things exist in the temporary and soon fall away to ruin and the whims that exist in the creative minds of people.

Disorganization and chaos, these are where we truly exist.  The concept of the moment is what dominates the mind and also the heart, it is where the conceptual feeling and the experience are pure, there is no beginning and there is no end, even at the start of an action, it was still started by something before, and is what led to the event.  Art and the creative experience are never done and cannot be defined by where they began, it is an evolution of experience, reflection, and a constant movement of inspirations building on itself, and artists in any trade wishing to build on what has come before.  In the art is revolution, there are no bounds, no restraints, it is clean, and disorganized, imperfect, but perhaps perfect in its moment.  “Extasy affords the occasion and expedience determines the form.” Dirtwar is free and will exist in the fray, the unclear, a graveley patch on the side of the road, between pavement and grass.

We work on Dirtwar like an old hotrod in our garage, replacing and machining parts to make the the thing faster than it already is.  In the night, we drive it on the highway, when the rest of the good world is sleeping, we hold the road with the lonestars and the ever expanse of concrete and steel that lays ahead under the lights.

Dirtwar hopes to become a lounge act someday and play a regular show in a small lounge with red velvet couches, mahogany walls, complimentary cigarettes and whiskey, and a sparse crowd dedicated to the night who only the bartender knows by name. 

There is only one thing that is sure to Dirtwar, Dirtwar lives forever or at least it does in the minds of those who have and have helped in its conceptualization.  
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