i was with my family in corsica when i was 17 and i went up to nice to be with my friends joel, claude, karen, david and others for a few weeks before i was coming home for school. they introduced me to tatiana, a yugoslavian and the most beautiful girl i had ever seen. and we spent the rest of my vacation together. every day i called her and would go to her home and pick her up on the moto i had rented while i was there. her parents didn't know, but at night she was working the streets in the red light district of nice. she told me never to go and see her or try to find her when she was working, but one night i drove the district until i found her and she ran away from me. she was mad at me for a few days. after i left france, her and her family returnd to what was then yugoslavia, she was bosnian, if i recall correctly, anyway we stayed in touch with letters and lost contact with each other after i finished high school. that was 1989 and before the balkan war that took place there through the 1990s. i always wondered what happened to her. lou reed's woman is her song.